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Futrix provides education professionals with information that spans across nearly every area of the industry. Educators are able to review student demographic data, national test scores, attendance, school activities, and overall performance in order to help them better understand the overall characteristics of individual students, grade, class, and the entire student population.

The flexible access to information and rapid deployment of Futrix allows educational institutions to continually expand its use of new information sources. For instance, administrators can choose to extend the analysis to evaluate the education staff with various levels of qualification, certification, and performance. Futrix is helping to change the overall culture in educational institutions by enabling self-service analysis and information-driven decisions while evaluating budgets and tracking the complex funding of school programs.

“Futrix provides the flexibility and ease of use that most educational institutions could take advantage of very quickly.”

John Alawneh, Executive Director of Technology Operations, Plano ISD

Plano School District Case Study