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Analysis Grouping provides the ability to create subset populations of individuals or categories from any source of information and analyze that group against any other related source of information. This empowers users to focus on cohort groups for various types of analysis in different subject areas throughout the organization. This empowerment allows each user to focus their time and energy in their own areas of expertise, which yields the greatest value within the organization.  Cohort Analysis Groups can be used to create customized categorical Dimensions to analyze wellness, medical management, and member segment groups based on the specifications of interest.

Existing Futrix customers who use this feature have been able to reduce redundancy, improved disease management program specificity, and improved patient satisfaction through targeted programs directed at specific patient populations

Event Based Analysis Groups


  • Use a "Diabetics with Hypertension" Filter Set to identify membership in this category where these Dimension values are only available within a DxCG data model. Once those members have been identified with an Analysis Group, the user can use this new Analysis Group Dimension against the claims data (which may not otherwise have the Dimensions associated with this clinical condition).
  • Use a "High risk of chronic conditions" Filter Set based on historical claims data to create a new Dimension that can be used on membership data.
  • Create a "Highest 10 Providers Cost this year" Analysis Group, based on filtering that identifies these 10 Providers, and then use this new Dimension on any data source that has the Provider Dimension available.
  • Provider profiles measuring such as peer groups can be easily established to monitor and evaluate physician practice patterns, clinical outcomes, and patient experience.
  • Utilize DRG comparisons to not only better predict the cost of hospitalization, but also to explore clinical data in the associated outpatient, physician office, rehab, and pharmaceutical experience.
  • Monitoring and evaluating physician practice patterns have improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction while building teamwork within the clinical care team. Futrix Health provides a complete picture of utilization and the patient experience. Futrix Health users have the ability to not only perform analysis on a given physician, practice or facility but also tie together the long term clinical outcomes affecting the continuum of care.