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The Futrix Health Linked Measure functionality provides the basis for the easy creation and use of key health-related measurements such as Per Member Per Month values and utilization measurements. This is because Linked Measures have the ability to merge disparate data sources by pulling in a Measure from another data source.  Linked Measures are created in the Futrix administration environment to allow easy merging of clinical patient data, disease management, processed claims, financial, and membership information.

With Futrix Health's Linked Measures, users can create an integrated view of the data by selecting Measure values from other data sources thereby creating a new standard measure within the sources of data being used to create the view.

The dynamic creation of industry measures is what allows Futrix Health's Linked Measures to create flexible analysis that is unique to the healthcare industry. One feature of Linked Measures is that it allows you to measure PMPM calculations (Per Member Per Month). Normally, merging clinical patient data, disease management information, processed claims, and membership statistics for interactive analysis is costly and extremely time consuming. Futrix Health allows clients to link these measures with the click of a mouse.

Another main feature of Futrix Health Linked Measures is that it allows for endless possibilities for utilization analysis. The analysis of patient and physician utilization data can be delivered to any user in your organization in seconds through a web browser, allowing them to securely and flexibly drill into patient data, physician data, or both.

Cost/Benefit analysis is another feature of Futrix Health Linked Measures.  It can empower clients to evaluate the clinical benefits of the next 'best' therapy while balancing the patient experience and outcome.


  • Per Member Per Month for classic Claims/Enrollment merging. Dynamically calculate PMPM while drilling into the data in a direction and focus on the PMPM calculations specific to your area of expertise.
  • Claims/enrollment ratios (e.g. PCPM, Admits/1000). Securely and flexibly drill into patient data and physician data to analyze patient and physician utilization.
  • Member/roster analysis to pull claims for member(s).
  • While using a data source of generic population information by state, county, gender, etc., Futrix Health allows inclusion of those population values in any analysis of customers, pulling in the overall population numbers as needed.
  • Create Single Stream of Data (SSD) analytics by linking measures in Claim, Premium, Membership, Medical Management, etc. Any user can create analytics which compare the correlation between attributes from different data sources.