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Dynamic Grouping Dimensions enables tremendous flexibility for categorizing information in unique and powerful ways beyond traditional static groupings, freeing the user from being dependent on predefined groupings and values within the source data. This functionality provides Dynamic clustering of Dimension values to create new groupings based on an analyst-driven selection process. The user can also choose to create a default group for "all other values" that have not specifically been linked to particular groups. This allows users to creatively and dynamically summarize information in ways that are not handled by standard coding structures or predefined groupings with a data source.

There is immense value in this dynamic grouping feature. With Futrix Dynamic Grouping, users can gain a powerful insight into business calculations, organizational profitability, and provide network utilization.

Geographic Analysis


  • Customer Dimensions can be easily grouped together to identify specific areas of be analyzed and then view by age group or gender to determine which procedures are most prominent
  • Group all customers within a 50 mile radius of a specific location to measure facility access analysis
  • Group certain sales categories to gain insight into the efficacy of targeted customers by geography
  • Analyze and compare specific customer segments of members such as Washington customers between the ages of 35-44