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A large Futrix casino customer with a complex business operation needed advanced analytics to catalog and report on millions of transactions in a variety of ways from a number of underlying data sources. By implementing Futrix, the customer realized the following gains:

  • Users of all skill levels gained the ability to easily analyze data, such as gaming activity, slot statistics, responses to direct marketing campaigns, hotel data and restaurant information.  
  • Enabled continual monitoring of cash-flow and patron behavior through use of Dashboards, complex analytics, and drill-anywhere reports which could be disseminated to the management and analytical staff quickly and easily. 
  • Using Futrix’ s drill-anywhere capabilities, the customer has experienced dramatically reduced requests for ad hoc reports while providing significant insight into consumer behavior.

Overall, this has allowed the casino’s management team to make informed critical business decisions facilitated by the quick, easy and secure analytics of Futrix. The casino’s Senior Database Administrator has indicated that Futrix has empowered end-users and reduced the need to for additional programmers and analysts to process data. The cost of analytics has been reduced while optimizing analytics and information flow. For further information, refer to Futrix Power Suite Gaming Industry Success Story. (PDF)


Working with some of the largest players in the banking industry, Futrix has assisted organizations with retail, auto, home, and student loan risk assessment.  Futrix is used within various risk analysis groups using significant amounts of data to analyze loan variables that contribute to the risk factors that must be considered when extending credit. 

The flexibility of Futrix allows companies to utilize any dimensional value to help the risk analyst explore a wide array of factors that vary from client to client. By empowering these financial institutions with critical risk information, Futrix enables better decision making.