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Futrix Power Suite provides the core analysis capabilities of Futrix and includes Power Administrator for advanced administration functionality while offering a FLEXIBLE, EASY, FAST, SECURE data analysis solution that empowers users across an organization to surface actionable information to rapidly improve business results.


Easy to Use Self-Service environment - Users are empowered to utilize information without having to involve IT specialists for assistance. They are not confined to pre-defined reports or structures. Users can create their own Dashboard and Viewpoint deliverables based on their unique analytic needs.

Drill Anywhere - Provides unconstrained navigation within the data and across related data sources (even across different database environments). Users are not limited by rigid hierarchies and cube structures, instead they can freely analyze information based on the changing business needs.

Dynamic Grouping empowers the user with tremendous flexibility to categorizing information into different groupings for analysis they are most interested in conducting.

Leverages the SAS Framework. Futrix is designed to easily harness the power of SAS transparently, no SAS knowledge is required by Futrix users or administrators.

  • Broader SAS ROI – For clients actively utilizing SAS, Futrix allows the results of the SAS analytics activities to be used by a much wider audience of knowledge workers and analysts. .

Rapidly access disparate data sources into a single analytical stream. Dynamically combine information from multiple sources directly to users for interactive analysis. For example, a user can easily analyze and drill into information brought together from Teradata, SAS and Netezza into Viewpoints and Dashboards and have calculations that combines all of these sources.

Compelling Visualization. The interface options (Futrix Web, Futrix Enterprise Viewer and Futrix Mobile) provide flexible and intuitive user interface options that can be adapted on the fly by the user to satisfy constantly changing business requirements. Users can quickly prepare their own Dashboards and Viewpoints in a matter of minutes with minimal training required.

RAPID Time to Value. Futrix can be operational and providing value to a new client within 5 days. This time frame includes installation, user and admin training, and interactive workshops with client data producing live results. For more information refer to. ....

Software-as-a-Service Ready. Enables easy adoption and access to external clients for interactive reporting and analysis of their data.

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