Futrix continues to expand its powerful, game-changing business analytical capabilities to meet the ever-changing analytical demands of the market today. Delivering its unique brand of self-service analytics, Futrix has new additional functionality that allows users to gain even more insights across diverse information sources, the following video introduces some of the functionality available:

Expanding Business Analytics

Taking feedback and direction directly from our clients, along with analytic trends in the market and in-house innovations, Futrix has expanded its already comprehensive and unique analytics to a higher level. Unidirectional analytics utilizing our unique Metadata Matrix allows for a cross-section of analytical result sets to apply, and allows users to freely navigate across any diverse source of information.

Unique analytic options that are NEW and exciting!! in Futrix 8 include:

threshold example

cross dimensional example

if then else example

These new analytic features can be combined with our existing unique business analytic functionality to produce an even more powerful solution for analyzing across disparate data sources for new insights, for example using:

Big Data Performance

Big Data volumes are becoming commonplace and getting a comprehensive understanding of this data is critical for decision makers. Futrix provides the flexibility and strengths of its rich analytic capabilities to work with a wide range of data warehouse appliances to effectively utilize the power of the appliance and leverage the underlying data within. Futrix 8 has enhanced the utilization of the SQL Pass-Thru that runs natively within the data appliances such as Teradata or Neteeza (IBM PureData System for Analytics), resulting in exceptional performance improvements. Futrix provides a data-agnostic solution that can mix and match different data source environments while allowing analysis across all sources and platforms.

Notable “in-database” enhancements include:

Enhanced User Experience

Futrix continues to expand and enhance the user interface to provide analytical options that are highly effective and easy to use. The powerful Enterprise Viewer interface that was introduced in Futrix 7 has now been expanded in Futrix 8 to incorporate all analytics previously only available within our traditional interface. All users can now have direct and easy access to all analytic setup and functionality available via our web-based interface options.

Users can now Create, Edit, and Apply the following options within Enterprise Viewer:

Included in the enhanced user experience, geographic mapping now provides for customizable Point Mapping that allows for customer-specific points of interest that can be tailored to different deliverable options and interaction.

 pins example

Applied Futrix Administration

Futrix continues to enhance and streamline the administrative aspects of a Futrix deployment. System administrators will now have additional visibility and troubleshooting tools at their disposal along with enhanced security controls down to an individual basis. This empowers a more productive, central administration of many different users both internal and external depending on their deployment strategy. The flexibility and power of Futrix is well positioned to support the growing SaaS initiatives in the marketplace.

Some of the highlighted administrative advancements include:

There is also now a staged startup of the web mid-tier that improves the granularity of the start-up process for better problem reporting/resolution, Enterprise Viewer Database synchronization and improved visibility of any problems via the administrative web console.