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Using Futrix, casino operators are able to better understand their patrons and make strategic business decisions. Futrix is able to provide actionable information from a wide range of areas within the casino. Our clients include some of the industry's largest casinos, as well as various tribal properties.

By providing a flexible interactive environment to utilize information with industry specific Dashboards, Viewpoints, and reporting deliverables, Futrix allows casino area managers to quickly focus in on key data elements to help them make informed decisions. Futrix is supplying information in a fashion that was previously unavailable to key decision makers, allowing the property managers to be more effective with their resources and better serve their patrons. Overall, Futrix helps casinos drive more revenue, better profitability, and a better overall patron experience. 

“Futrix has proven to increase our profits though analytics. Futrix is a terrific product, we love it. Futrix
gets us information quickly and easily by combining data from disparate data sources to get a complete
analytical view for concise business decisions thereby increasing profits.”

Gaming and Resort, System Administrator

Gaming and Resort Industry Case Study 


“With Futrix, we are able to get information quickly and respond in a timely fashion.”

Gavin Goh, Data Warehouse Team Leader , Centrebet

Centrebet Case Study