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The insurance industry is a challenging, constantly changing environment, especially with all of the mergers and acquisitions that take place. It is extremely important for insurance companies to have information systems that are able to adapt to these industry conditions. Futrix was designed to dynamically bring together data from multiple systems in multiple formats and present them to anyone with a web browser in seconds, without needing weeks or months of development.

Our insurance customers use Futrix to calculate cost ratios Per Member Per Month to identify which portfolios, agents, or customer segments are the most profitable, and those that are losing them money.  Futrix helps companies understand the right market segments to attract and retain customers, identify trends in claims early and publish up-to-date performance information by channel. Overall, our insurance customers are able to maximize profitability in a constantly changing and dynamic environment with the help of Futrix.

"Futrix gives transparency in information.”

James Pettifer, Senior Manager
Management Information, CGU Insurance

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