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Futrix provides a powerful self-service business intelligence solution with unique analytic functionality designed to meet the rapidly changing information needs of organizations in all industries. Since 1997 Futrix has continued to evolve and enhance the solution based on the feedback from our customers and continued evolution of our revolutionary technology. The result is a FLEXIBLE, EASY, FAST, SECURE solution that minimizes the time required for users to become empowered and productive. 

Drill anywhere without being constrained by cube definitions or data hierarchies. Futrix enables easy interaction and navigation of data for analysis and reporting by utilizing any combination of tables, charts, graphs, maps, and dashboard options. Point Futrix at any data source and it will present that data to users in seconds. Futrix will identify and build the necessary aggregates and linkages allowing users to traverse information from multiple systems without the need for a major systems integration project or getting IT involved.

Futrix’s primary product offerings include both Futrix Health and the Futrix Power Suite. Futrix Health focuses on the specific business challenges and information needs of the healthcare industry, while the Futrix Power Suite provides a solution for a broad range of industries. 

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Futrix Health is a revolutionary data analysis solution for payers, providers, and other healthcare organizations with out-of-the-box functionality for analyzing complex, disparate health data. Futrix Health can help meet the challenge of a continuum of care by linking patient data, Rx Management, disease management, processed claims, membership, and other data sources into a powerful analytical environment. It provides a self-service solution for health professionals to securely and flexibly explore the data.

Futrix Health is a healthcare-specific solution focused on the business challenges and information needs of the healthcare industry. Futrix Health combines an advanced self-service business intelligence solution with a powerful suite of unique analytic capabilities designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations worldwide. As flexible self-service business intelligence solution that provides a complete environment for drill anywhere ad-hoc analysis, visualization, and reporting, Futrix Health efficiently delivers industry specific, actionable information in a secure, easy to use web environment that can be rapidly deployed to a multitude of users and analysts within an organization. Futrix Health is ready for SaaS delivery and allows for easy adoption and access to external clients for interactive reporting and analysis of their specific health data.

This technology enables the unique functionality in Futrix Health:


Futrix Power Suite is an FLEXIBLE, EASY, FAST, SECURE data analysis solution that empowers users across an organization to surface actionable information to rapidly improve business results.
Drill Anywhere allows you to find what you need faster. You will have the freedom to explore data in a way that makes sense to you, and not be constrained by the cubes and the way the data was designed.

Minimal IT support. Futrix is extremely easy to use and administer.

Intuitive Visualization Environment allows users to explore Viewpoints of information using any combination of tables, charts, graphs, and maps. Each of these are interactive, allowing users to drill into or expand the information to gain further understanding. Traffic-lighting, commentary, and email alerts ensure that users are focused on what is important.

User Defined Dashboards. Users can create and explore individual Viewpoints of information or combine them to create Dashboards that can be saved for private use or shared with other users or groups of authorized users.

Dynamic Grouping enables tremendous flexibility with the click-of-the-mouse for categorizing information in unique and different ways outside of traditional groupings.

Software-as-a-Service Ready allows for easy adoption and access to external clients for interactive reporting and analysis of their data.

Futrix Data Driver allows the Futrix Analytic Engine to be securely accessed through any ODBC or JDBC compliant application.

Integration with SAS provides bi-directional integration with the SAS Analytical Framework, including the ability to easily incorporate and use SAS predictive models.

Rapid time-to-value. You can have Futrix up and running in your organization in 5 days or less.