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In 5 days or less our customers can be completely up and running with Futrix and empowered to begin utilizing Futrix to create value in their organization!

Quick start

Day 1
 consists of installation and configuration of Futrix on top of the SAS environment and integration with the web server used to deploy the intranet environment. If the customer desires, installation can be done remotely in advance of the onsite training and application of Futrix.

Day 2 will start with End User Training for the first half day and will target up to 15 people taking this course that will interact with information and mentor/train others on the system in their respective areas. It is highly advisable that any individuals designated for the Administrator training also take part in this training. The afternoon of Day 2 will start the Administrator Training.

Day 3 will continue Administrator training through the end of day. This will target the people who will be responsible for maintaining the system, registering data sources and establishing user access.

Day 4 will consist of actively working with the people that have gone through the training to register up to 3 known data sources in the system and begin creating viewpoints (reporting templates) and dashboards. It is highly recommended that these are known data sources that are already being used for other reporting deliverables.

Day 5 will continue the creation of viewpoints and dashboards. By the end of day 5, the participants will be empowered to use Futrix.