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Futrix prides itself on exemplary customer support by always keeping the focus on the customer. At Futrix, we want to help you succeed! Futrix has an excellent support staff which is on call for your questions and training needs. We respond to your inquires with immediacy and answer all questions to full resolution. Great customer service and our focus on the customer initiatives create a winning combination.

To contact Futrix directly please email support@futrix.com


Futrix rapid deployment is achieved through an unique and aggressive deployment strategy allowing customers to be installed, trained, administering and working with live data in a 5 day period.

This strategy is defined in more detail on the Futrix Quick-Start page.


For select clients, Futrix offers a 30 day proof of concept at no charge. It allows you to bring in the software to your environment and get trained to use the system. Then a workshop is conducted to use the customer data within the system. This process allows potential customers to utilize the software and validate that it meets their information delivery needs. For more information contact us at info@futrix.com


Futrix uses active learning techniques, and provides as much hands-on training as possible, while including the most relevant business examples to clients using their own personal business data. Our training incorporates problem-based learning and focuses on real tasks, which may involve multiple software applications or technologies. Futrix offers trainings from personalized group sessions to webinars, both allowing the users to interact with their own data for immediate business results. We ensure that our training will be timed appropriately so that trainees can put their new knowledge to use immediately.

Training is available from Futrix and our partners worldwide. Please contact us at info@futrix.com to find out more.


Initial implementation and time-to-value with Futrix is remarkably fast and can be accomplished in a matter of days. Our Quick Start Program can have any organization trained and analyzing their data in Futrix in 5 days or less. We also have an extensive team of consultants and partners to work with our customers to further expand and enhance their Futrix implementations in order to meet more complex business requirements.  Futrix consultants worldwide have the knowledge to configure, implement, and customize Futrix solutions in a very short period of time.

To find out more about Futrix Consulting Services please contact us at info@futrix.com