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Futrix has developed revolutionary, cutting-edge technology that empowers users to find solutions to business issues quickly and with ease. The unique architecture of Futrix links disparate data sources easily and creates a virtual analytic data view which can be immediately used to produce advanced analytics and Dashboards.

“Intellidyn needed a tool that can handle terabytes of data and thousands of attributes, yet still have the flexibility to define reports on the fly. Futrix provided the perfect solution, allowing Intellidyn and our clients to measure results in real time and size their markets in seconds.”

John Povey, Vice President Data Strategy, Intellidyn

The underlying architecture provides the “magic” that allows Futrix to analyze data like no other solution in the world. Futrix creates many layers of abstraction in the background that work in isolation from each other, which results in powerful analytic functionality that allows users to create virtually any kind of measure, grouping, or Viewpoint and then analyze across all relevant data sources. The system automatically manages the integrity of the results.

Futrix is designed to be a flexible, user-friendly and self-service environment, which minimizes the time required for users to become empowered and productive.

  • Drill Anywhere. Users are empowered to take their exploration to wherever the data leads them. Users can answer questions faster because they have the freedom to ask questions in ways that meet their business requirements. Users are not constrained by the way the data was designed, such as by rigid hierarchies and cube structures. Different users and departments often need to discover relevant information from the oceans of data in very different and concise ways. Futrix allows users to surface meaningful information on demand in whatever form it is needed.
  • Intuitive Visualization Environment. Users can explore Viewpoints of information in Futrix using any combination of tables, charts, dials, and maps. Each of these are interactive, allowing users to drill into or expand the information to gain further understanding. Traffic-lighting, commentary and email alerting ensures that users are focused on what is important. Geographic maps can be easily created to explore information in a spatial context with a simple click of a button.
  • Self-Optimization. Futrix is self-optimizing based on tracking data gathered from actual user interaction with the data and associated Viewpoints. The system will automatically highlights areas of peak usage and provide recommended data structures for improved performance tuning.