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Futrix training enables users and administrators to get the most out of Futrix software. Your people gain skills and knowledge relevant to every stage of the Futrix implementation, as well as keeping them up to date on advances in Futrix capabilities and technology.

Futrix consultants offer instructor-based training and workshops for all levels of users. These courses can be tailor-made for your requirements and presented at your premises. Each course participant is provided with a comprehensive training manual.

Training is available from Futrix consultants world-wide. To find a consultant near you, visit our Partner Directory


This one-day course is designed for end users who want to use Futrix in the web browser environment. There is no prerequisite knowledge required for this course.


This one-day course focuses on using the Futrix Administrator management console to configure the Futrix system. You should be competent in the use of the Futrix end user environment to the level presented in the Futrix End User Training Course.


This one-day interactive workshop focuses on programmatically customizing and extending the capabilities of the Futrix system to suit the environment. Topics are selected based on the specific needs of your site when organizing this course. You should be competent in the use of the Futrix Administration environment to the level presented in the Futrix Administrator Training Course. 

"The Futrix training provided insight and direction to effectively utilize the system to benefit our business area. Futrix quickly empowered our business users to become more self-sufficient and meet most business analysis needs."

Ilona Rabey, Customer Retention & Evolution Manager